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Only Torah Observant Jews and studied Noahides really have a clue about who G-d is and what He wants. It does not matter how educated a person is, how long they have attended church or how many years they went to a Reform Jewish camp as a kid, it is only the person who is occupied in the Torah that can speak about G-d from our limited, human understanding with any truth. All the rest will simply mislead you.

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After Motzei Shabbat, my closest friend joined us for the evening as we prepared Chanukkah themed prizes for our party coming up Tuesday night. As we talked, he finally got around to saying, “I’m really ticked at you for doing this,” referring to my belief that Jesus is a false messiah. When I asked him why he said that several years ago I had promised him that I would never do this and that he was worried this was the first step in my becoming an atheist. I told him that the atheist fear was a common worry among Christians when their friends realize the truth about Jesus. I pointed out that the New Testament can not stand alone without the Tanakh but the Tanakh stands alone just fine without the New Testament. I explained that identifying Jesus as a false messiah was in no wise taking a step back from G-d. Rather, I was deepening my faith in Hashem and distancing myself from idolatry.

As for the alleged promise I made him, what can I say? I refuse to be held responsible for a belief based on information that I didn’t know back then that I do have now which causes me to see Jesus in a true light which is making me renege on an impossible promise to keep. If I did promise him that I would never stop believing in Jesus I regret doing so and will be more careful in the future about making promises.

But really…I was disappointed he didn’t have a little more force to his discussion with me. He didn’t try to debate. He didn’t dig. No threats to shun me. He was the easiest to tell this news to. The hardest will be coming up in a few weeks. Please stay tuned.

Christian Atheist (Peter Lumsden, d. 2007)

Tonight over kosher Indian food I noticed my wife was a little softer and somewhat happier. I felt it was the right time to gently push her past some of her emotional connections to the New Testament by pointing out a few of its fallacies. I asked her to please think about how she should respond to the fact that the writer of the book of Matthew states that Jesus lived in Nazareth to fulfill a prophecy that doesn’t exist in the Tanakh. I then brought up a few other errors until she distracted and let it go. When we got home, our son was asleep in the backseat and she asked if we could talk there in the car. I could sense there was an opening.

The front side (recto) of Papyrus 1, a New Tes...

Papyrus 1, Matthew

She asked me, “Why did Yeshua say things like ‘No one comes to the Father except through me’ and why would G-d allow him to say those things?” We talked about some of the questionable accounts in the New Testament, reviewed some of the inconsistencies and went over the basic requirements of the messiah based on the Torah and Prophets.

She burst into tears, squeezed my hand and after getting herself together said, “Go on.” So I finished my thoughts and she was able to talk rationally. She brought up concerns about whether we’d fit into the Jewish community, still be able to home school our children if we converted and other issues presupposing the she would eventually accept this.

This is a huge step forward for us! May Hashem continue to direct our paths and send us in the direction of Jewish men and women who will care about us and help us in our journey home to the Jewish people. But may it be soon…my neshamah is impatient!

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