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Baruch Hashem…what an amazing miracle!

A young boy unwittingly dismantled a bomb on the Sabbath, the hareidi-religious news site Kikar Hashabat reports. The incident took place in the Musrara neighborhood of Jerusalem, which is bordered by Meah Shearim and by an Arab neighborhood outside Shechem Gate.

The boy found the device and began to play with it, eventually bringing it to his parents to show them. The shocked parents recognized it as a possible explosive and called police. When police sappers arrived, they told the father that the boy had prevented a disaster when he miraculously took out the right wires.


Meah Shearim, Jerusaelm

So I’ve found my new, living, Orthodox Jewish, intellectual hero: Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb. He has his Ph.D. in mathematical logic, was Professor of Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University, and is a senior faculty member at Ohr Somayachin Jerusalem.

Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb

Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb

What turned me on to him? Simply because he wrote a paper entitled Coming Home and in it he said: “Teshuva is the greatest creative challenge a person will ever face: the challenge of recreating oneself. A person’s whole past – talents, training, experience, successes and failures – provides the materials from which his new identity will be forged. He does not turn his back on his past, but organizes it to fulfill its potential in a new way. It is a denial of Providence to regard any of his “unplanned” prior life as a loss. Everything which happened to him was planned so that he could fulfill his unique human potential and make his unique contribution (see Luzzatto’s Derech Hashem, Part II, Chapter 3). Later, he will see how his seemingly pointless past gave him the tools for his religious future.” These words of course are a great inspiration to me as I am definitely in the process of recreating myself.

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