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Converting to true Judaism is a maze of information and choice-points. You ask for advice but not allRabbis agree with each other. Communities may not warmly open up to conversion candidates because Messianics and other insincere Gentiles may have spoiled the community’s opinion of true gerim. Then factor in your own personality and preferences. Are you drawn to Sephardic or Ashkenaz minhagim? Are you going Modern or Ultra-Orthodox? Which eruv best meets your criteria for living?

In the Zombie-genre movies, the strongest people usually survive. Becoming a Jew is much more than changing your religion. It is an apocalypse of identity. Read More

Well, we’re on our way out of town to speak to a couple of Orthodox Rabbis about our conversion. We’re excited and a little nervous. We spoke to some friends on Skype today before we left and they were a tremendous help. Thanx guys!!!

We hope that this trip will lead us to the next step in the process. My wife and I are aligned in our goals, beliefs and purpose. What we want is to get the green light to go ahead and prepare to move. My friend said it best today: waiting and not being productive is very difficult! I just want to know that we’ve been accepted as conversion candidates and that the process has really started. Read More

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