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Pat Robertson believes that there is a G-d and a Devil and that they are at war. This concept within Christian cosmology was borrowed from pagan ideas of good vs. evil and Judaism rejects it just as it does any notion that claims there is a power outside of G-d Himself.

In a pathetic attempt at solidarity with the Jews, Robertson declared this past Thursday that Satan is the cause of anti-semitism but “the poor Jews don’t understand that, it’s too cosmic for most of them to grasp, especially because they don’t believe Jesus is the Messiah.” See it for yourself:


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Co-written with “Almoni” blogger @2000yeardebate.blogspot.com

But what do we know? We’re just a couple of guys who have lived this article quite literally. So pay attention…there may just be something in here for you.

How do you prevent a viral infection? Give a person a small dose of the virus itself of course. It’s counter-intuitive but an effective treatment nevertheless. However it only works within key parameters: the antigen must be introduced in such a way as to produce the greatest action and the vaccine must also contain preservatives in the solution to prevent infection in the delivery system. Read More

This Pesach was the first one I’ve observed not being an idolator. What does this mean? I was able to Pesach Seder 5772fully participate in the Seder on its own terms. Jesus/Yeshua had nothing to do with it or Pesach at all. Christianity was not there to reinterpret the Seder elements or to usurp the power of G-d’s gift of freedom to worship Him then and now. For once the matzoh was full of meaning without it having anything to do with a false messiah. The cups of wine were not the “bris chadashah” that the New Testament lies about. The enormity of the miracles of yetzias Mitzrayim were not overshadowed by the bogus Christian narrative of a man-god system of atonement and redemption. Read More

“Stand Your Ground” is a phrase that is receiving great attention from media mongers and news consumers across America. But there are countless unreported killers far worse than George Zimmerman on the prowl; loose in Jewish communities all over the world. They are Messianics who would steal and lie to convert to Orthodox Judaism while still believing in Jesus!

It is a mitzvah to expose these liars and to protect the Jewish people by reporting them. All Jews and righteous Gentiles have a duty to “Stand Their Ground” and expose these would-be pretenders before it’s too late. If these people are successful, how will we know who is truly Jewish? How will we ensure that these spiritual terrorists will not kill the souls of our people (chas v’shalom) by poisoning their minds with foreign beliefs? Our security and that of our children’s who will one day marry be’ezras Hashem is at risk because of the three types of people you will read about below–the Messianics, the apostate Jew who helps them, and the unwitting Rabbi who doesn’t know any better. Read More

Converting to true Judaism is a maze of information and choice-points. You ask for advice but not allRabbis agree with each other. Communities may not warmly open up to conversion candidates because Messianics and other insincere Gentiles may have spoiled the community’s opinion of true gerim. Then factor in your own personality and preferences. Are you drawn to Sephardic or Ashkenaz minhagim? Are you going Modern or Ultra-Orthodox? Which eruv best meets your criteria for living?

In the Zombie-genre movies, the strongest people usually survive. Becoming a Jew is much more than changing your religion. It is an apocalypse of identity. Read More

My respect for those who regularly pray Shacharit, Minchah and Arvit in a minyan everyday, nearly without fail, has soared higher than ever. As our move to Dallas gets closer (be’ezrat Hashem) and our conversion gets further underway, I’ve been preparing more rigorously. One of the ways I’ve done this is to shore up my tefilah.

Very few in the Messianic world take prayer seriously. And even those who do (not that it has any merit for them since they are idolaters) don’t pray with the proper kavanah. As a former Messianic, I was guilty of all the above but one thing my experiences did teach me was what not to do. There is a nonchalant approach to tefilah in that cursed realm and I’m set to rid all traces of it from my being.

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Purim street scene in Jerusalem

We had a nice Purim with the community in Dallas. It was a very meaningful Yom Tov for me because of the reference to the many who converted to Judaism according to the Megillah and because the holiday’s essence is that all the plans and expectations get turned upside down. It’s kind of like the conversion process–but in a good way. Hashem has His plans and His ways are not our ways. Just when you think you’ve got the next step figured out, there’s some detail to deal with or what looks like a block that is most likely a test of sincerity.

I feel like we’re getting close to moving. There may some good job opportunities on the horizon, b’ezrat Hashem. We also learned yesterday that we have to get rid of the rest of our animals–our miniature poodle and cat. Maybe even our two pet frogs? I have to ask for clarity on that one. Our Rabbi said that Orthodox Jews cannot have unkosher animals in the house, that doing so would prevent Eliyahu haNavi’s visit. This will be hard, especially for my wife and son because we already lost six of our animals last year. But this life is about what Hashem wants and not what we want. I hope we can find good homes and can do it soon so this painful step will be over.


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