The next vignette in the series Hinneni is “Analysis” which deals with my secular education in psychology and counseling and shares a little about my motivation to help people.

Here is the first installment of Hinneni, a short documentary about who I have been, who I am now, and who I hope to become. In it is a brief window to my journey from Christianity to Orthodox Judaism.

This vignette is called “Origins.” I talk about my religious upbringing and tell you a little about my family.

  1. Searchinmyroots said:

    Anxiously awaiting the next installment!

    • Thanks for watching!

  2. Almoni said:

    I heard this story has a surprise ending…

    • Oh? Did you get a press kit or something?

  3. searchinmyroots said:

    Okay, We are all ready for the next video.

    I know you have been extrememly busy Jeisyn and when you compose a video, you want to do it sincerely and the right way.

    I just thought I’d give you a little “push”!

    Thanks for your blog!

    • Thanks for the push. I’ll start working on it. In the meantime, please note the News page and the page for Noachides that I’m getting started.

  4. Iva said:


    Hi, i stumbled into your blog while looking for halachic differences between erev and boker kiddushim. I am studying them because yes, I am converting to Judaism. The first thing I thought when scrolling through it was “wow, here’s someone who’s going through the same process and he’s asking the same questions”. Questions related to the internal as well as external (read am Israel) legitimacy of such a choice. I live in a big city with a community of some 20 thousand Jews, a very structured community but also a pretty unwelcoming community. I regularily spend my Shabbatot alone and the same goes for the holidays. The question then is: “where is this taking me?” and “is it condemning me to a life of self segregation?”. I thought that hard as it may be to convert, my efforts, the hard studying, the commitment would ultimately end into a richer life. But, no. I saw that you have desires,
    legitimate desires but alas no answer to those questions. Perhaps they are not even Your questions as attitudes in the US may differ greatly to the lack of openness of battered European communities. Still, I wonder.
    Second thing I thought was, why is it that you are showing your Jewishness in such capital letters? I mean the big beard, the huge kippah. Far from eing judgemental, this interests me because I am taking exactly the opposite stance. I regard this as a huge internal change and I am always wary that the external stigmas might (and they do) “pollute” the authenticity of someone’s love for Torah and am Israel. Authenticity also means to me, being exactly who I am and always have been a balancing act aimed at blending my past with my future, staying real, keeping my feet firmly on my grounds. Perhaps more so, thanks to Torah. But I may be very wrong and should allow myself some little external rewards. What do you think?

    • Hi Iva. Not sure which questions about legitimacy you’re referring to but I feel concerned that you sound so lonely and disillusioned. Why do you spend Shabbos and the chaggim alone? Do you have a sponsoring Rav?

      Regarding “showing my Jewishness” as you put it came about as a result of my studying Torah, long before I started the conversion process. I agree, I want the outer to match the inner and my Rabbi stresses this also. Hence the recent shortening of my beard. I would go with your Rav’s guidance on the matter as well as your chavrusa. Do you have one?

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