Shavuos Brings New Things

I”m back and able to post again. Why the gap in posts? Baruch Hashem my daughter was born–two months early! Nachaliel Tikvah came on April 29th full of life and health. It was touch-and-go a week before and for several weeks after her birth because of my wife’s health but thank G-d we’re all healthy and thriving.

We were also able to participate a little in observing Shavuos with the community in Dallas where we hope to move soon, IY”H. My favorite part was staying up all night on Tikkun Leil Shavuos. I never got tired; the evening was filled with fascinating topics like: Child Labor Laws: Minors and the 39 Melachos of Shabbos; Lo Sachmod (Do Not Covet): Can Halacha Legislate Emotions?; Before & After: Meaning and Motivation to Birkas HaTorah; Dreams & Dreamers: The Shtus Dreams Are Made Of — The Bizarre Role of Dreams in Halacha.

Finally, I’ve quit Facebook, Twitter, and all Social Media. Having been inspired by the Gedolei HaDor via the Ichud HaKehilos Asifa: Using Technology Responsibly, I’m joining the war on Social Media. It is killing our children, dumbing down our minds and is no place for the holy nation of Israel.

You can watch the Asifa here:

I will use the Internet (only in filtered form) for work, business and occasional personal communications with friends and family–no social media! I’ll turn all the extra time I’ll gain into studying Torah.

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  1. searchinmyroots said:

    Welcome back and Mazel Tov on the birth of your daughter! May everyone be healthy.

    As far as Social Media is concerned, I think it can make one stray from doing what they should be doing. I know a couple of Rabbi’s who attended the conference. They are of the opinion that you shared. They will use the internet for business, communication (e-mails and the like) and knowledge (sites like, but will filter it as well. They mentioned, which of course is true with all things, that there is a wealth of knowledge on the internet and it is helping to spread true Torah Judaism (with sites like But of course we need to know the boundaries and to be disciplined which can be very hard when there is so much temptation.

    They also mentioned the need to keep reading books and studying with others as that is how one learns. Yes, you can learn things on the internet, but it isn’t anything like studying with someone.

    Thanks for the update. Glad to see you back!

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