Changing Inside Out, From Top To Bottom

Purim street scene in Jerusalem

We had a nice Purim with the community in Dallas. It was a very meaningful Yom Tov for me because of the reference to the many who converted to Judaism according to the Megillah and because the holiday’s essence is that all the plans and expectations get turned upside down. It’s kind of like the conversion process–but in a good way. Hashem has His plans and His ways are not our ways. Just when you think you’ve got the next step figured out, there’s some detail to deal with or what looks like a block that is most likely a test of sincerity.

I feel like we’re getting close to moving. There may some good job opportunities on the horizon, b’ezrat Hashem. We also learned yesterday that we have to get rid of the rest of our animals–our miniature poodle and cat. Maybe even our two pet frogs? I have to ask for clarity on that one. Our Rabbi said that Orthodox Jews cannot have unkosher animals in the house, that doing so would prevent Eliyahu haNavi’s visit. This will be hard, especially for my wife and son because we already lost six of our animals last year. But this life is about what Hashem wants and not what we want. I hope we can find good homes and can do it soon so this painful step will be over.


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  1. Almoni said:

    Do you really honestly think that Eliyahu Hanavi is even going to visit your house in the first place??? It seems like a very superstitious reason to get rid of pets.

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