6 Mistakes People Make When They Talk About G-d

Only Torah Observant Jews and studied Noahides really have a clue about who G-d is and what He wants. It does not matter how educated a person is, how long they have attended church or how many years they went to a Reform Jewish camp as a kid, it is only the person who is occupied in the Torah that can speak about G-d from our limited, human understanding with any truth. All the rest will simply mislead you.

1. Do not try to use the Tanakh to support your belief in Jesus/Yeshua.

If you are doing this then you have missed the point of Scripture from the start. In fact, the best proof against Jesus is the B-I-B-L-E, yes that’s the book for me…

2. You cannot base your understanding of the Jewish Scriptures on your feelings.

There is no “Holy Spirit” who is guiding how you interpret the Bible. Neither is G-d going to come down and manipulate your mind to perceive Him correctly. All is left to your own mind, resources and presuppositions to figure it out which is why Hashem gives the Jewish people their mission to be “Ohr le’goyim” (a light to the nations).

3. Chazal are right and you are wrong.

The Jewish Sages who came long before you knew more than you could ever hope to know and only have the correct understanding of how the Hebrew scriptures are to be read and understood. If your interpretation does not agree with theirs, you are wrong. Anything else is arrogance.

4. If you do not read the original Hebrew/Aramaic, you have no business telling others what the Bible says.

This should be obvious. If you don’t speak French you don’t go to France and correct a native’s grammar. Ergo, if you aren’t comfortable working in the original Biblical languages, stay quiet until you learn them.

5. If you do not accept that the Oral Torah was also given at Sinai, not only are you a heretic but you will never know the whole story.

Yes, denying the truth of the Oral Torah puts you in the category of one who denies the whole Torah. Therefore if this is you, you have nothing to offer the Jewish world about interpretations and theology. No Torah observant Jew will take you seriously because you aren’t even talking about the same history of the Jewish people when you insist on “sola scriptura.”

6. If  you don’t know how to study the Talmud you cannot possibly be well-informed about Torah.

The Talmud is like a key on a map, without it all of the symbols will not make sense and you will certainly misinterpret them according to your own culture, life experiences, and belief systems. The Torah says of itself, “The Torah is not in Heaven…” which means it was given to the Jewish people to unlock it and teach it to the Nations.

English: Orthodox Jewish scribe, Shlomo Washad...

  1. wil said:

    I do not agree one must be able to read and speak in hebrew and or aramaic, the schottenstein bavli in english took 80 torah scholars 25 yrs and 250k per tractate for non speaking of the above. As Rambam said it is not the dialect however the words, mesning(content) that counts. Listen as our sage Hillel would have said “treat others as you would like, the rest is commentary.” I am noahide

  2. wil said:

    P.S I love you my soon to be Jewish brother
    Baruch Hashem

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