How To “Unlike” Jesus

If Jesus had a Facebook account would you “unlike” him? With all of the press around Rabbi Boteach’s recent book and the plethora of availability of commentary from both sides, it might be worth considering how much attention Jews and Noahides should “devote” to Jesus. I read that someone on another blog suggested an interesting idea: form a group of ex-messianics for the purpose of writing refutations to Christian proofs. That might be helpful. It certainly is worth exploring but with some caution.Why? I’ll tell you. One of the consistent internal responses I have when faced with Messianics/Christians (they are really the same; I simply separate them to be sure people know I’m an Equal Opportunity Offender) who write missionary or apologetic material is the deepest reason I know Jesus/Yeshua is not the messiah–I trust the Sages and believe that the Oral Torah was given at Sinai. Sure, proofs and refutations dislodge someone’s paradigms and get them thinking, but the surest foundation for a Jew should be Chazal. To them and to those who followed in their foot steps, Yeshu was nothing and he, his followers, and all writings associated with him should be ignored.

I think too much argumentation against Jesus begins to chip away at the boundary the Sages have erected; unless it is for the purpose of saving other Jews. But the individual, at some point, needs to stop searching for proofs and answers and accept that Judaismhas left behind the man from Nazareth in the dust, where he is dead and buried.

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Can You “Unlike” Jesus?

  1. Almoni said:

    But you should at least think him for being a gateway for you to arrive to Rabbinical Judaism.

    • I only have Borei Olam to thank for that my friend.

  2. I don’t think I could have come to the truth of Judaism without first visiting x-tianity. I might be wrong, but even though I’m ashamed of believing such nonsensical myths.. Today, becoming a Jew is the only thing I really dream about. And for that, I’m really thankful.

    Both x-tianity and islam are tools (although being false religions) to prepare the world for the real Mashiach when he will come. I enjoyed Tovia Singer’s lecture about it

    • Who is your journey coming along Rickard?

  3. slowly moving along

    studying Hebrew, and getting ready to convert

    then it’s aliyah-time ^^

    שבת שלום

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