Bidi Bidi Bum

It seems like the only barrier to us moving to our community to live within the eruv and taking the next step in our conversion process is me getting a job. The city is fairly large and I have great qualifications so I don’t see this being a problem. The process just seems to be dragging. After making hundreds of applications last month it’s a little discouraging that I have not been called for an interview yet, but I don’t want to complain.

Each week we have a friend davening for us at the Kotel (Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel of and of our friends that are left after we rejected J.C. (there aren’t many), most of them are praying also. I hope to find work with the State of Texas in some kind of management position or in a Social Services field. If anyone has connections, feel free to see my profile on linkedin:

English: The Western Wall

The Kotel in Jerusalem

English: Description: Big Tex, the mascot of t...

Not the Western Wall

  1. Willie Buck Merle said:

    Hang in there 🙂
    I’m reading an enjoyable book that has an entire chapter about what goes down when you leave or abandon christianity. It’s called Godless by Dan Barker. Yeah you learn who your friends are, and please keep up your decent sense of humor.
    I found your blog after I did a google search on Ralph Messer, just to see what that idiot has done lately 🙂

    • Thanks for other encouragement! What are you doing in place of Christianity?

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