On The Road Again

Many things are happening but at the same time it feels like I’m living in suspended animation.
I feel so out of my element. Right now we are alone on Shabbat with no guests for our Erev meal, no Torah service, no teacher, no community oneg with no end in sight (or so it seems). Thankfully we’re out of town again visiting the community we’d like to move to. This week we plan to attend a few of the community supported classes and a couple of the shiurim at the shul we’re interested in.


One of the classes we want to attend is about the Jewish adult life cycle. The others, which are being held at the shul, are a Hebrew and a parsha class. This is good because we can see “shul life” and get to know the Rabbi better. It’s going to get expensive schlepping the family out of town two or three times a month but I feel that it is worthwhile.

On another font, my wife is so amazing. Not only has she been diligently studying R’ Tovia Singer and other expert counter-missionaries, she deeply internalizes the information and when she settles with it, she “owns” it. This makes it great to discuss religious ideas with her. I’m sure some people think that I’m forcing her to convert but the truth is I have encouraged her to think independently from me, to ask her own questions, and I have supported her doubts and skepticism. Maybe she will be willing to be a guest blogger for a few posts tell the readers in her own words what is going on with her.

That’s a brief update. I appreciate everyone who is reading, especially those who comment on posts and share them with others–even if you respectfully disagree with what we are doing.

  1. Almoni said:

    Wow. Maybe when your not out of town, you can visit the Chabad house for Shabbat?

    • Almoni said:

      And you can consider your driving there your weekly Malacha?

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