A Huge Next Step

Well, we’re on our way out of town to speak to a couple of Orthodox Rabbis about our conversion. We’re excited and a little nervous. We spoke to some friends on Skype today before we left and they were a tremendous help. Thanx guys!!!

We hope that this trip will lead us to the next step in the process. My wife and I are aligned in our goals, beliefs and purpose. What we want is to get the green light to go ahead and prepare to move. My friend said it best today: waiting and not being productive is very difficult! I just want to know that we’ve been accepted as conversion candidates and that the process has really started.

We’re still hearing from people who are questioning their faith in Jesus/Yeshua or who have finally rejected him (thank G-d!). By the way, you may be wondering why I often write the names Jesus and Yeshua together. Crafty Messianics who hope to lie and convert while holding on to heretical beliefs think that they can fool the Rabbis by using the name ”Jesus” to deny the Christian, Hellenized version of the Nazarene and still use the name Yeshua to retain their belief in him as the messiah. This tactic won’t work much longer IY”H as many of us are informing the Rabbis about these dishonest practices. So, for the purposes of clarity and openness, I choose to use both names so that anyone can tell that I am referring to the same person–the false messiah of the New testament who forms the basis for all of Christianity, including Messianic Judaism.


  1. Almoni said:

    Don’t let them say ‘no’ to you!

  2. Excellent intro video! I watched it 5 times. The videopgraphy is great. How did you do that? Can’t wait to see the coming installments.

    All the best,


    • Thanks Yehudah! I just threw it together on my iPad. I’ve been a hack at video editing since I owned a training business years ago and really enjoy it.

      In those days you were tied to a Desktop but now you can create a movie with effects, transitions and a soundtrack right on a tablet.

  3. Searchinmyroots said:

    You probably already know this, but the Rabbi’s may try to dissuade you from converting. They’ll tell you being a Noahide is just fine.


    They want to be sure you of your motives and sincereity. They may also reject you 3 times.

    Of course that is not true in all cases.

    Stay true and steadfast. Prepare for the journey, realizing it may take a while.

    The wait may seem forver. The result will last a lifetime.

    • Thank you for the encouragement. I love the last line; it really stayed with me.

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