I find your lack of faith disturbing. Darth Vader

Today I read a mashal (parable) from Rebbe Nachman. He says like this:
Once, an important trader was traveling with a consignment of fine Hungarian wine. During the journey his assistant and the carriage driver said to him, “Here we are, traveling with all this wine. It’s a very hard journey – give us a little taste of the wine.” He agreed to let them have a small taste.

A few days later, the assistant happened to be in a small town with some people who were drinking wine and praising it extravagantly. They said it was Hungarian. “Let me have a taste,” said the assistant. They gave him some, and he said, “This isn’t fine Hungarian wine at all!” They were most offended and told him to leave, but he insisted: “I know very well that this wine isn’t Hungarian, because I was with a wine merchant who had genuine Hungarian wine and he gave me some to try. I know what it really tastes like.” But they ignored him.

But when the Mashiach comes, then they’ll know. The time will come for the fine old wine stored up for the righteous to be served. Others will be fooled into believing that inferior…wines are fine old vintage wines. But none of my followers will be fooled, because they’ve already tasted the good wine!

Some people will read this and think of Jesus’ words about wine and wine skins. Others will read this mashal and have no idea about the reference I just made. Both are good. Why? Because those in the first category should think about that mashal from the false messiah Jesus and realize that the wine he was offering led people astray and caused Israel much suffering (and still does). The six halachic criteria for Mashiach are:

1. Have the correct genealogy by being descended from King David and King Solomon
2. Be anointed King of Israel by a prophet
3. Return the Jewish People to Israel
4. Rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem
5. Bring peace to the world and end all war
6. Bring knowledge of G-d to the world

Jesus’s life is the exact opposite of those six criteria!

1. He was a mamzer with no tribal decent. 
2. He was given the mock-name king by a Gentile.

3. His movement scattered Jewish people to the ends of the earth.
4. Soon after his death the Temple was destroyed by Israel’s enemies.
5. More wars have been fought in his name than any other religion.
6. His followers are idolators that worship a god that Israel has never known.

Darth Messiah

Darth Messiah

Those in the second category who don’t know about the Nazarene’s parable have no need to look into it. The Torah insists that we ignore all false prophets. Stay away from the Darkside and choose the Light!

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