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My wife and I met with a rabbi tonight from Chabad. He had questions and we had questions. Between the three of us there were a lot of answers; and more questions.

After a brief overview of our former religious backgrounds, he asked me to consider the Noachide path instead of converting. I’m really glad he did because I was able to talk out loud with another person about my strong desire to be Jewish, to be counted among Israel (for better and for worse) and to observe the commandments according to the Sages. Explaining my motivations to him helped make me feel all the more solid about what we’re doing.

Then he explained an interesting teaching from the first rebbe of Chabad. It’s a concept about elohim acherim (“other gods” or “the gods of others”). He said that the Jewish people have a unique connection to Hashem through which they obtain kedusha. This connection between Hashem and the Jews has a very strict measure or portion of chesed and Hashem is exceedingly exacting in His dealings with His people. But there is a secondary “overflow” which Hashem allows to pass on, sometimes quite generously, to the rest of the world via these elohim acherim. Based on this, it is permissible for non-Jews to be in a secondary relationship with “other gods” such as Jesus, Allah and the like and still receive G-d’s blessings and not be counted as sinners. But for Jewish people this recognition of others gods would be considered avodah zarah (idolatry), chas v’shalom.

I appreciated the message the rabbi was sending. But I’m still casting my lot with the Jewish people. If others want to remain convinced of the lies of Jesus/Yeshua or Buddha or Hare Krishna  (and according to the first Chabad rebbe not be sinning) more power to them. But I want the harder path. I don’t want to settle for anything less than the kind of relationship a Jew has with Hashem. And I want His best, which includes a portion in the Torah and Israel.

  1. The last Lubavitcher Rebbe also taught that just as the Kuzari writes that born Jews are on a higher level than converts (a position subsequently rejected by the Rambam and others), so also Lubavitcher Hassidim are higher than all other Jews on an intrinsic level. The modern Noahide movement was created by Chabad-Lubavitch in order to keep non-Jews from unifying the Divine Name through conversion. The last Lubavitcher also said other non-sensical things, such as that the Beit HaMikdash would descend from Shamayim and land next to 770. Then – according to him – they would both be uprooted together (apparently side by side) and levitate over and come to rest on the Har HaBayit.

    Lubavitch is a good resource for basic Judaism and learning about Torah, Rashi, etc. But it ends there. They are broken and the diseases they suffer from began in their “head” – the Lubavitcher Rebbe himself. He claimed to be messiah openly, he proclaimed the 770 complex to be tantamount to the Beit HaMikdash, he promised the redemption which never came, and is essentially a sophisticated modern re-run of Jesus. He spoke many words with charisma, but ultimately died in his error.

    Tread on the middle path, filter and sift everything, take what you need, and move onto greater things – more kosher things – as soon as possible.

    All of the ludicrous statements of the previous Lubavitcher are documented and properly cited in the latest biography entitled “The Rebbe: The Life And Afterlife Of Menachem Mendel Schneersohn.” I highly recommend this. A very eye-opening work that puts to rest the blaming of all Chabad problems on the hassidim and excusing the Rebbe. The truth is that he began a movement that ultimately failed.

    May HaShem have mercy on His children and bring all those who desire His covenant within the halls of His palace. Amen.

    • Amen. And thank you for the information. I hear you.

  2. Thomas said:

    Hi Jeisyn,

    I came across your blog because someone posted it to rabbi Eli Cohen (Jews for Judaism)’s facebook wall-

    Anyway, I am enjoying your blog- are you familiar with rabbi Yisroel Blumenthal ( I think he is an excellent writer on this topic.

    Also- is there a post anywhere on your blog which actually goes over your ‘story?’ Ie- upbringing, faith, doubts, reasons, etc?


    • Thomas,

      Thank you for reading. I can’t find a reference to the blog on Rabbi Cohen’s Facebook page. Can you send me a link?
      What are you enjoying about my blog? I’d love to hear specifics. How do you relate to it?

      Good suggestion about posting my “story.” I’ll start working on it.

  3. Thomas said:

    It was under his status which read “IMAGINE waking up to a facebook post or a tweet that reads as follows:
    “Pastor Hagee has just been anointed and sworn in as the High Priest of the…”

    The second comment under that status mentioned your blog.

    • Found it. Thank you Thomas!

  4. Sophiee said:

    R’ Blumenthal is with Jews for Judaism — a counter missionary organization. He is in California and heads up the west coast J4Jews.

  5. Sophiee said: this is R’ Blumenthal’s Facebook page.

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