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Many things are happening but at the same time it feels like I’m living in suspended animation.
I feel so out of my element. Right now we are alone on Shabbat with no guests for our Erev meal, no Torah service, no teacher, no community oneg with no end in sight (or so it seems). Thankfully we’re out of town again visiting the community we’d like to move to. This week we plan to attend a few of the community supported classes and a couple of the shiurim at the shul we’re interested in.


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There is nothing as comforting as getting information and having your questions answered. Well, nothing as comforting unless it also comes from two loving, righteous Rabbis like the ones we met with today.

We felt heard and cared for. We received direction and have a clearer path to the next steps towards conversion. At least for the next foreseeable future, we’ll be traveling back and forth for classes in order to get to know the rabbi who will hopefully become our sponsoring Rabbi. Read More

Well, we’re on our way out of town to speak to a couple of Orthodox Rabbis about our conversion. We’re excited and a little nervous. We spoke to some friends on Skype today before we left and they were a tremendous help. Thanx guys!!!

We hope that this trip will lead us to the next step in the process. My wife and I are aligned in our goals, beliefs and purpose. What we want is to get the green light to go ahead and prepare to move. My friend said it best today: waiting and not being productive is very difficult! I just want to know that we’ve been accepted as conversion candidates and that the process has really started. Read More

Today I read a mashal (parable) from Rebbe Nachman. He says like this:
Once, an important trader was traveling with a consignment of fine Hungarian wine. During the journey his assistant and the carriage driver said to him, “Here we are, traveling with all this wine. It’s a very hard journey – give us a little taste of the wine.” He agreed to let them have a small taste.

A few days later, the assistant happened to be in a small town with some people who were drinking wine and praising it extravagantly. They said it was Hungarian. “Let me have a taste,” said the assistant. They gave him some, and he said, “This isn’t fine Hungarian wine at all!” They were most offended and told him to leave, but he insisted: “I know very well that this wine isn’t Hungarian, because I was with a wine merchant who had genuine Hungarian wine and he gave me some to try. I know what it really tastes like.” But they ignored him. Read More

“…Messianics are left with nothing but their own self-assertions for the authenticity of their religious identity. While Christians hope for the realization of Jesus as the messiah on the part of the Jewish world so that Jews will become Christians, Messianics hope for the realization of Jesus as an Orthodox Jew by religious Jews so that they themselves will be accepted in the Jewish world.” An excerpt from Yehudah Illan’s blog Click below for more!

Kosher Jesus, Treif Christianity.

via Kosher Jesus, Treif Christianity.

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