Happy Birthday Jesus…

And Nimrod, and Mithra, and…well all the other god-men born to virgins or otherwise. Thanks for changing the world. Although it would have been nice had you left it a better place. But let’s not quibble over facts. I mean, what matters today is what people feel in their hearts, right?

Heart of Jesus

In fact, what the followers of Jesus feel in their heart should be a testimony to his messiahship. We should see all manner of his works manifesting in his believers as they do even “greater things” than he did. But once again the evidence falls short. Or worse, it testifies against his messianic claim.

By those who believe in him I have been called names, ignored, belittled, falsely accused and misrepresented. They suppose I am narrow in my scope of research and am making poor decisions because I am uneducated or just plain crazy. Their basic assumption is their rightness–a perspective which has fueled Crusades and other Christian atrocities in the past.

My wife and son have been shunned for no reason (although they claim they are not shunning them based on one definition in a dictionary that they consulted). And while they are shunning my family, they are offering to “stand ready” for my wife should she decide to “get away” from me. But I’m so truly grateful for their behavior. Why? Because everything they are doing has only served my purpose and intent.

But it does lend another observation which strengthens my point: despite Jesus’ supposed in-dwelling presence, they are defending their behavior towards my wife and son. They assert that they are scattered lost sheep who don’t know what else to do. Where is their comfort? Where is their shepherd who is supposed to be bringing them peace and strength to remain in the world and yet be set apart from it? Where is their joy that he promised? Where is their wisdom? But wait…the Sages say in Eicha Rabba 2:9 that there is wisdom among the goyim but there is no Torah. Maybe a more modern spin could be, you can take a goy out of Mitzrayim but you can’t take Mitzrayim out of the goy. So much for Paul’s “grafted in” theory. I haven’t seen that work out well anywhere in Messianic circles.

No, their lives are a witness that Jesus has accomplished nothing. They are fractured, impotent, incongruent, given to in-fighting, lonely, sickly, perverse, double-minded, and full of doubts. But I don’t hold any of this against them. It’s not their fault. Their physician was merely a peddler of snake oil. Their prophet was a navi sheker who was worthy of the death penalty. Many of his time-sensitive prophecies never came to fruition. Their scriptures are padded with idolatrous underpinnings. What else can you expect from such a sad lot?

I hope that in time the followers of Jesus will give up their false beliefs and truly turn to the G-d of Israel. Then their lives will truly be filled with that which they are seeking.

  1. Geoffrey Miller said:

    Jeisyn, I have already apologized, but it would be much easier to maintain civility if you weren’t so inflammatory about your position. It feels like you’re actively trying to make people upset so that you can then have ammo to criticize their behavior. It’s a lose-lose situation.

    G-d bless and happy Chanukah.

  2. Its a free country and this is a personal blog. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.

    Yes, we Jews are always “losing.” We lose our salvation, our Torah, our covenant – it seems that by Christians we are always losing something.

    If you feel upset, then get some therapy.

    Merry Mithras,


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