A Bright First Night of Chunukkah

I don’t believe the ner on my Chanukiyah has ever burned as brightly or as clearly as it did tonight. We had a lovely Chunukkah party with family and friends. In addition, all of the supportive and positive comments that I have received so far on this blog, on Facebook and in emails were in my mind and heart tonight also illuminating our evening. Thank you all so much. Please keep them coming.

Chanukkah Sameach!

Hanukkah menorah outside Edgware tube station,...
  1. JM said:

    You’ve been posting about how your wife doesn’t share your current beliefs and how you want her to convert. Can’t she have her freedom to live Torah and love Yeshua? There’s no contradiction there. Hanukkah is a celebration of religious freedom. The light of the menorah is intended to be a call for religious freedom. Light the Hanukkiah because people are free to choose. That’s a miracle worth celebrating.

    • JM,

      Following Torah precludes belief in Jesus–I think there is a profound contradiction. Chanukkah is not a celebration of freedom for all religions but is a commemoration of the struggle of Torah Judaism against Greek worship of the intellect and pagan gods.

      The light of the Menorah is not a call for religious freedom. That is your own interpretation. Judaism’s Sages teach that the Temple’s windows were built to allow the light of the Menorah out into the world rather than to allow light from the world in. This symbolized Torah shining from G-d’s abode on earth, spreading out it’s illumination to the darkened Torahless people–it is Israel being a light to the Goyim. Jesus failed according to Judaism’s prophets and the Torah does not allow one to heed the words of a false prophet.

  2. JohnM said:

    You’re wrong by using Christian arguments. While many Christians think that following Torah might preclude belief in a western-style Jesus, it doesn’t preclude belief in Yeshua. Loving Him is following the Torah, loving your neighbor as yourself and being a light to the nations.

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