Rubicon Crossed

I had hoped to speak with people in my chavurah either as a group or individually about my rejecting Jesus/Yeshua as the messiah. I have been waiting out of respect for my wife as she felt most comfortable bringing this up after Chanukkah because she is struggling with accepting this herself. Alas the info has leaked and some very pious Christians have taken it upon themselves to spread the word in the Austin community and through other online social media outlets without speaking with me and my wife first (this is lashon hara of course, may G-d have mercy on them). At the same time I realize they are acting according to Hashem’s will so I am grateful He is in control.

I have, by this post, spoken to some people on the phone. by email, or on Skype. Others I suspect will call or email in the days to come. To those who are filled with love and respect I will continue to speak with; or at least part ways with a heartfelt “shalom.”

All are welcomed to continue to follow my story and comment respectfully.

May everyone prepare for a holy and kosher Chanukkah!



Image by Center for Jewish History, NYC

  1. Dena said:

    You certainly can’t make your wife believe something if she doesn’t. It isn’t fair to push another person toward a belief or religion if it’s not where they want to go. It’s going to be a bumpy road perhaps.

    • That is true. I’m not being pushy about it, just gently asking her to look at the messianic expectations in the Tanakh as her foundation.

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