Reach Out (and touch Rabbi Tovia Singer)



During lunch today I was listening to an audio clip by the eminent counter-missionary Tovia Singer speaking about the distortions in Matthew and Paul. He said that the author of Matthew failed to reach the Jewish people because of how he twists and outright butchers the Jewish Bible whereas Paul, missionary to the Gentiles, was able to succeed because Gentiles have such a lack of discernment and exposure to true Judaism. Tovia was brilliant!

But one thing he said really stood out to me, it goes like this. Tovia said, “Everything Jesus didn’t do, I can see. Everything he did do, I can’t see. Coincidence?” This comment really touches the heart of what brought me to my final conclusion.

Rabbi Tovia Singer




  1. Touche. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Aviva Ishai said:

    i was brought up in a jewish home. we attended a conservative synagogue. my sister, who was brought up orthodox (long story there), brought me rabbi singers’ tapes some years ago. i was married, with growing children, living a religious life here in israel, but i didn’t really BELIEVE in Hashem. on one of his tapes he mentions the verse in the Torah where G-d says to the nation of israel ‘this law is being given to you, who were there at mount sinai’…not this is being given to those whose parents were there or whose ancestors were there, but who were there themselves. then rabbi singer asks a question…”who would have accepted this document if he hadn’t really been there himself?” i must have heard this tape many times before the day when this question just JUMPED out at me. and i said to myself ‘yea, who would have accepted such a document if he hadn’t been there in person?’. that really changed my (inner) life!

    • This is beautiful! Thank you for posting.

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