My Wife Is Struggling

Since I’ve told her that I don’t believe that Jesus is the messiah, my wife has been sad, scared and angry. Her sadness and fear are easier for me to deal with than her anger. I keep feeling like I’ve done something wrong for stating what I believe but I know that anger is a part of the process that leads to acceptance (see the Kübler-Ross model of grief).

When I ask her what I can do to help she only responds with defenses. She has stated outright that she is not ready to consider why he’s not the messiah and that she feels embarrassed for even entertaining the idea. This feels like a set-back but I realize that she is going to need more time than I had hoped to accept this and come along. That’s o.k. I just need to be patient. But I really need support too!

55 gallons of sadness - treo_072609_003_web

55 gallons of sadness

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