Welcome To My New World

I hope this blog will be a conversation with anyone interested as much as it is about me sharing my story. I’m finding myself now at a juncture (and here is where you come in) where I’m finally being honest with myself and those closest to me–and you are watching it all unfold.So now I’m going to write it for the first time: I don’t believe that Jesus (or Yeshua as some call him) is the Messiah.

I don’t believe that Christianity or Messianic Judaism are valid and I believe that they are, at best, two sides of one idolatrous coin. I think the only true path to G-d is Orthodox Judaism.

Now as I write this, I want you to know that I’m scared, alone, excited, energized and at the same time, I feel like a little baby exploring the world for the first time. I invite you, my reader, to interact, argue, encourage and most of all, be honest with me. Welcome to my new world.

  1. Israel said:

    You are not alone. Yet I have a question if I may ask you privately over email. 🙂

    • Sure.

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